What do people use their Garden Buildings for?

Justin Williams | Jun,2022 | 4 Minutes Read

Most popular uses for Garden Buildings in UK

Garden buildings have become an incredibly popular addition to many homes. And there’s good reason for that. They’re an excellent and pretty cost-effective way of giving you extra space without needing time-consuming extensions. In most cases you won’t even need planning permission for a garden building. For more information on planning permission restrictions, please see our guide to ‘How to build a garden room’.

Another great reason to get a garden room is that they are so versatile and can be used for just about anything you can think of! We’ve put together a list of ideas for inspiration.

Top reasons people buy a Garden Room


Using a Garden Building to do more gardening

Lots of people use their garden buildings for gardening and there are many glass filled options to promote healthy growing. Green-fingered owners can create their own personal safe haven, a place to escape the elements to plant and protect your blooms, a space of serenity and solitude where you can indulge in your beloved hobby without interruption.

Your space can be used all year round, so you can garden unlimited. If you are a serious gardener, consider choosing a purpose built greenhouse for your passion rather than redesigning the garden shed.

Using a Garden building for a home office 

With so many more of us now working from home, a lot of people have been using their garden as a space for their home office. Is your indoor space all used up? Bedrooms all used? Spare rooms doubling up as playrooms or walk-in wardrobes? Communal areas provide little quiet, solitude or privacy eyes. It’s a predicament shared by many, so people have started to look outside for the quiet, tranquil workspace they need.

Working from a garden office is an excellent alternative to working from the dining table. It’s a dedicated workspace and a place that you can walk away from at the end of the day. We spend a lot of time at work, we should be doing it in a relaxed space that houses our ergonomic office chair!

Using a Garden building for your hobbies & crafts

Our garages used to be our workshops and all the equipment we needed for our DIY projects was kept out of the house. But as more and more houses extend into the garage, we need a new space to house our tools and projects. If you’re a DIY lover, you’ve probably got an extensive collection of tools that need to be stored, as well as a need of a space to complete your projects. A garden building is a great option. You can also add enhanced security measures to your garden building to make sure your expensive tools are safely out of sight and secure.

Using a Garden building for a home gym

The home gym is another great feature that became more popular during the pandemic. Gyms were forced to shut down and regular gym goers had to find a way to continue! Exercise is addictive and people were really struggling without their regular routines. Workout equipment became a premium during the lockdown as households scrambled to recreate their fitness plan from their homes. Home workouts remain popular as people learned they saved a bundle in gym fees and travel expenses. And it gave them the gift of time! Even if your gym is only 15 minutes away, that’s 1.5 hrs of your week just getting there and back if you go 3 times a week. When you could have your own personalised fitness suite, all in the back garden.

Using a Garden building for relaxing & entertaining

Another victim of the nationwide lockdown was the restaurant and bar trade. As we were forced to stay home, we became more inventive with ways to adapt to a new normal. Those that missed the pub started re-creating them in their back gardens! Garden bars now provide a great social setting for entertaining. When hosting events, they are a great way to get people in the garden or away from the main rooms of your home. They are fun, inventive and can be personalised to suit you and your tastes.

Using a Garden building for a kids playroom 

You might not have space in the house to dedicate a room as a playroom for the kids. But if you did, it could honestly be life changing. No toys in their bedroom means no mucking around at bedtime. No more stepping on Lego in the living room or lounging teens taking it over. Don’t you just love the summer? Where you get to throw them all out in the garden to play? Well with a designated playroom in your garden, that can happen all year round.

For older children, it provides them with some privacy and space. A space where they can take their friends without taking over the house. It gives them a feeling of independence and helps to nurture and promote maturity. For younger children it’s a great way to provide them with a place to play, get the toys out and let their imaginations run wild without the stress of mess and noise levels disturbing the rest of the household.

Whatever you want to use your garden room for, give us a call today so that we can find you something that exceeds your requirements.