Pershore College Retail Plant Centre

Neil Gater | Jul,2016 | 2 Minutes Read

The staff and students at Pershore College have been hard at work developing the ground around the Nordic ‘Scanline‘ Orangerie.

The ‘Madeira‘ at Pershore College was installed earlier in the year and we have been working together to create a growing environment that shows the benefits of our buildings. This building is being used in a more commercial environment therefore the output is a lot more aggressive than a home growing room.

As the orangerie is located in their retail Plant Centre, they have a requirement to start the season earlier and end later, therefore ensuring their customers always have plants available throughout the year. This has proven highly successful so far, so the decision was made by the college to challenge the students to create an attractive, workable area around the Orangerie, making it a real focal point for the Plant Centre due to the popularity of the building with staff and customers alike.

Their plans have been in place for a few months but now real progress has been made and the students have done a stunning job. The area before our building arrived was at the back of the garden centre and purely a functional space for plant sales tables. As you can see, the ‘Madeira’ is now beautifully presented and is an important part of the Pershore College Retail Plant Centre.

For more information about the Madeira, CLICK HERE

For more information about the Pershore College Plant Centre, CLICK HERE


The ‘Madeira’ is largest of the Nordic Scanline range of Orangeries. With sizes ranging from 9 square meters to 18 square meters, these buildings give you the flexibility of creating a new outdoor living space in conjunction with an stunning growing room, ideal for all types of plants that need protection from the British weather.

The Madeira standard specification is: h 2980mm w 3000mm d 6000mm – Rectangle shape. 1 single door with multi-point locks, adjustable door hinges, low aluminium threshold, external projecting sill and Clear polycarbonate roof. Three tie bars included and two roof vents including Bayliss Auto openers

You can add a second door, more roof vents, plain panels instead of glazing and so on. As well as coming in a selection of frame colours.