Hot Tub Time Machine

Neil Gater | Jun,2016 | 2 Minutes Read

Over the last few days at BBC Gardeners World Live, the flexibility of the Nordic Garden Building range has proved incredibly popular with everyone, especially if you are considering a hot tub.

You can walk around the show and see a wonderful selection of garden structures for multiple uses including hot tub’s, whether it’s a conventional greenhouse, a ‘tiki hut’ style retreat, wooden buildings or cabins and sheds.

One of the most popular requests for our ‘Melbourne’ pavilions is in relation to housing Jazuzzi’s and hot tubs. Our Pavilions are PERFECT for this due to the octagonal shape, the material the buildings are manufactured from and glazing keeping you protected from the elements. Being produced from PCV-u our buildings will not rot due to the condensation within the building. The insulation properties keep the environment comfortable and opening window vents ensure a cooling breeze whenever it’s required.

The standard option is to buy and position your Jacuzzi in the garden and place an open Pergoda over the top, which is a good solution BUT you only get protection from above, not from the sides and as we know, rain in the UK has a tendency to go sideways not straight down :-). If you currently have a Jacuzzi, you will know that if the evening is cold, getting out of the Jacuzzi prior to the sprint to the house can a real shocker…. If it’s in a Nordic Garden Building, you can ease out of the Jacuzzi, dry yourself down in a comfortable warm room ….. Then SPRINT ACROSS THE GARDEN 🙂

With a Nordic Garden Building you can use your Hot Tub or Jacuzzi ALL YEAR ROUND.

The flexibility of a Nordic Garden Building means no matter what your use is, our buildings are adaptable to meet and exceed your expectations.

For more information on our range of buildings, take a look through our website or visit GBC by clicking HERE.

As part of the BBC Gardeners World Live event, we are offering a HUGE 20% off our buildings if you order from us at the show. You can find us in Hall 20, stand G870…..