The Learning Centre from Nordic

Neil Gater | Jul,2016 | 2 Minutes Read

The Learning Centre program

Due to various reasons, society now offers fewer opportunities for children to spend time outdoors. The loss of this valuable exposure to the natural environment could have a negative effect in the long-term.

Our learning centre program was introduced following the government trying to promote schools to embrace outdoor learning. Some schools are actively encouraging their staff and students alike to become more environmentally aware and have seen a positive effect on educational performance due to the change of the classroom environment in which students are taught.

Whether society has dramatically changed or whether we are more aware due to the media, online reporting, social media and so on, the fear of society and allowing children out of sight has created a bubble of safety which could risk stifling a child’s long term personal and emotional well being.

Therefore it’s important that schools do not overlook the potential importance and the opportunity of outdoor education and the effect it can have on the personal development of young children.

Sue Waite, a reader in outdoor learning at Plymouth University who co-wrote a recent article said “At the moment, if outdoor learning is part of a school’s curriculum in England, it is largely because the teachers recognize the value of it, with so much focus on academic attainment, there can be pressure on teachers to stay in the classroom which means children are missing out on so many experiences that will benefit them through their lives.

Numerous recommendations and reports have been presented over the years but most recently the acknowledgment of regular lessons in natural environments suggested the benefits of outdoor lessons were grouped into 5 main themes:

A healthy and happy body and mind, a social & confident person, a self-directed & creative leaner, an effective contributor and an active global citizen.

It is recognized that educational establishments are under considerable pressure and constraints, but having a clear philosophy about the forms of outdoor learning, the target for achievements and not just ‘going outside and letting things magically happen’ could pay huge dividends.

Obviously the weather has a huge impact on any kind of outdoor learning strategy but immersing staff and students in a safe, warm environment with the feeling of being outdoors is a dramatic step forward.

Nordic Garden Buildings are fully committed to “bringing the outdoors, indoors” when it comes to education in primary schools. We have found that whether our learning centre is utilized purely as a classroom, a growing room or a mix of both, moving a class outside ignites a child’s imagination and enthusiasm.

With no major renovations or extensions required, the Nordic Garden Building Learning Centre is a simple and quick solution. Installed in 1-2 days, guaranteed for 10 years and featuring high security locking doors and windows, Our learning centre gives you the capability to create a new ‘outdoor’ classroom without the worry of poor weather and which can be used all year round.

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