Our largest freestanding building yet!

Neil Gater | Mar,2016 | 1 Minutes Read

People often ask “just how big can their Freestanding Garden Building be?” well the recent Fonteyn Outdoor Living Mall should answer this question.

Nordic Garden Buildings in conjunction with our Danish Partner Vica have designed and constructed one of the most impressive freestanding buildings yet, at 200m2 and MASSIVE 32 meters long, the structural design was key to this project. As well as this stunning example of our capabilities, you can visit Fonteyn and see The Nordic Oxfordshire Orangerie, Our Canopy Conservatory, the Nordic Melbourne Pavilion, The Nordic Berkshire Orangerie (New for the 2016 season), our Victorian Conservatory, The Scanline Evia Pavilion, Edwardian Conservatory and the Scanline Sicily Pavilion. It’s a fantastic display and Nordic Garden Buildings buildings are proud to be so integrated with Fonteyn.

We would like to thank everyone involved in this amazing project.

For the lifestyle you lead; the lifestyle you want to lead and a lifestyle to share with Friends & Family. A Nordic Garden Buildings allows you to be in your Garden whatever the weather; occasion or activity. You are no longer confined to only having the choice of a Wooden Garden Building that need constant maintenance and offer very little in terms of views through small single glazed windows.

Many of our customers tell us they were not really looking for a Pavilion or Orangerie – but when they saw the product displayed it opened up possibilities they had not considered. A Nordic Garden Building gives you much more than a room in the garden. It gives you an outdoor lifestyle.

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