Winterproof Your Garden Room: Tips and Tricks for Keeping Warm"

Justin Williams | Sep,2022 | 3 Minutes Read

how to keep your garden building or garden room warm


Many people worry about whether they’ll only be able to use their garden room for half of the year. It’s a lot to spend out if you’re only going to get to use it 50% of the time. But the good news is that garden rooms can stay warm all year round! The answer lies in knowing what materials and construction methods are best at giving you insulation in your Garden Room or Garden Office.   

Consider the windows in your house.  In the past 30 years most houses in the UK and every new house that is built has PVCu windows as standard.  This is because they give the best insulation, are maintenance free and come in a range of styles.  This is why Nordic Garden Buildings are so popular.  They are made in Wales using the latest PVCu technology including the best 28mm double glazed units (which can be upgraded to contain Argon gas for extra insulation - a favorite with our Norwegian customers).   This means, like windows in your house, our Nordic Garden Buildings perform much better than wooden versions.

Ask yourself this; would you replace your current windows with wooden windows that you have to paint each year and that will not perform as good as the UPVc version?   This is why 25% of Nordic customers have switched from previously owning a wooden garden building to enjoying a warm, maintenance free Nordic Garden Building.

At Nordic Garden Buildings we have meticulously crafted our buildings to be just as comfortable as a room inside your house would be. 

All our materials contain recycled PVCu and is made in the UK.  The PVCu construction and 28mm double glazed glass units combine to make a warm building.  If you chose to have any panels in your building these are also insulated with the latest fire proof foam that contributes to keeping your building warm in the winter.

All this means our customers get to enjoy their Garden Room all year around. 

What is the best material to make my garden room warm?


All of our garden rooms such as our garden offices & pavilions are insulated by design. The walls, floors and roofs of our garden buildings use the advanced materials and precision manufacturing to create insulation built in. We meet or exceed the latest building regulations for houses.  This means all our Nordic Garden Buildings are built to higher standards than most other Garden Rooms - which are made from wood and are not subjected to complying with any CE mark, Building Regulations or fire safety tests. 



All Nordic Garden Buldings have an eco base that is breathable and insulated.  This removes the risks of damp promotes good air circulations and ensures the floor is not stone cold.  Combined with our insulated windows, walls panels, doors and roof means our customers stay warm for longer without requiring lots of heating first.  Indeed a few candles and body heat make a real immediate difference to the heat once inside.  


Do i need a wood burner to heat my garden room?

As we sell so many Garden Buildings in Scandinavia a wood burner is a popular option there.  However, when we offered wood burners in the UK we found they produced too much heat and our buildings got too warm!  We no longer recommend using wood burners in our Nordic Garden Buildings as the insulation is so good you have to open the doors as it gets too hot!


What is the best way to heat my garden room?

Internal heating teamed with our excellent insulation means you won’t need to spend a fortune on keeping your building warm – it is quick and easy to heat up your garden room. A popular choice is a stylish electric radiator or a convector heater which heats up a space quickly.  Heating will only be required a couple of months of the year due to the insulation built into each Nordic Garden Building.

If you choose a wooden garden room do make sure you pay extra for all the insulation they offer.  Also consider a wood burner that will be cheaper than expensive to run wall heaters which will be needed for most of the year as wooden garden buildings are usually not as insulated and take longer to heat up than energy efficient Nordic Garden Buildings made from PVCu.

 Whatever your needs are, we’ve got you covered. So, view our range of luxury garden rooms today and start dreaming. Choose to give your family this extra space, whatever you might need it for, it is one decision you won’t regret this winter.

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