Elements of Nordic Design Which can Bring Peacefulness into Your Home

Neil Gater | Jan,2019 | 4 Minutes Read

Hygge, A peaceful home imbued with positivity and serenity helps build a peaceful mind, and a thriving lifestyle. This is your space, your safe haven. A place where the troubles of the outside world can’t reach you, and the stress dissipates into the unknown. When you surround yourself with the beauty and intrinsic tranquility of the Nordic design, there is nothing stopping you from building the happiness you deserve.

The “hygge” lifestyle is something that the Scandinavian peoples have adopted and weaved into the very fiber of their being, it’s a mindset that allows you to thrive through the smart and meticulous use of decor. Here is your chance bring peace and well-being into your home, and in turn, your very being.

A soothing, neutral color scheme

It all begins with the unique vibe that emanates from the foundation in every room. This foundation is the overarching color scheme on the walls, the curtains, and the main furniture pieces in the space. The Nordic design is simplistic, semi-minimalist, and unobtrusive. This is a look that doesn’t force itself upon you, but rather lives and breathes with you.

To make it come alive, you can first paint the walls in a soothing neutral hue. This can be a pure white color or any type of off-white. The blank canvas you have created will allow the rest of the design to thrive and grow, so go ahead and choose a complementary hue for the curtains and the furniture. Stick with earthy colors that will strengthen your bond with Mother Nature, and opt for wooden colors and materials, as well as faux fur and leather.

Decluttering the mind and soul

A cluttered living environment creates a cluttered mind. The “hygge” lifestyle has no place for clutter, disorganization, or any form of untidiness. Instead, it thrives on the premise of cleanliness, order, and strategic design to create a comfortable space in every part of your home. To achieve this, you will first need to declutter your living environment thoroughly.

You can start by throwing away everything you don’t need or haven’t used in a very long time – chances are that you never will. Immediately, you will feel as if though a little bit of weight has been lifted from your mind and soul. Continue doing this until you feel the surge of freedom and positivity just from being an organized, comfortable space. Speaking of comfort, this is the hallmark of a restorative Nordic design.

A comfortable, intimate setting

The textures, layers, and finishes you bring into every room will have a dramatic impact on its aesthetic appeal, and more importantly, the vibe that permeates within. The “vibe” you’re looking to introduce here is pure and unhindered comfort, so start by choosing key furniture pieces and complementing the setting with comfy accents.

To complement a comfy armchair or a sofa, opt for fluffy blankets and pillows. Let a faux sheepskin gently fall from the side of the couch, and put a woven jute rug in front to create the perfect landing spot for your feet. All of these elements combined will help you create a comfortable living environment that just makes you want to snuggle up in a blanket with good book in hand.

Creating a profound relationship with nature

The Nordic approach to interior design puts great emphasis on the inextricable bond between humans and Mother Earth. Though this connection has faded over the years, especially in vast urban areas, it doesn’t mean that you cannot rekindle the flame in your very own home. The first thing you should do is bring healthy greenery into every room.

Some of the best household plants include the Peacock plant, Areca plant, the Philodendron, the Devil’s Ivy, and the Weeping fig. There are many more to choose from, of course, so feel free to pick the ones that complement your interior. Choose plants that also purify the air in order to create a truly restorative oasis in your home.

Stimulating the senses with romantic accents

Humans have many senses, and scent is by far one of the most powerful senses that shape our perception of reality. When something boasts a beautifully intoxicating aroma, it has the power to completely transform your mood, and imbue your mind, body, and soul with positivity.

To that end, be sure to complement the design with aromatic accents such as scented candles and potpourri. These accents should be subtle and give away only a slight hint of aroma, in order to influence your sense but not overwhelm you or collide with other aromas in your home.

In a very short time, the hygge mindset and the Nordic design have become very popular with homeowners around the world due to the powerful influence they have on the mind and soul. Imbue your home with these five elements, and you will have created a peaceful, restorative setting the entire family will love.

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