Hygge -How to live well

Neil Gater | Nov,2016 | 1 Minutes Read

Hygge Live Well

Nordic Garden Buildings and our close association with Scandinavia has meant that over the past 8 years we have adopted the Scandinavian way of living well …. commonly known across Denmark as “Hygge”. If you have no idea how to say this word, never mind what it means, over the next few months we’ll explain why the Danish live with Hygge and why they are regularly voted as the happiest nation.

Firstly, how to say it…… “hue-gaaa”, “Hooga”, Hhyooguh”, or “Huergh” …. to be honest …. it makes no difference, What is important though is to understand how to live a Hygge lifestyle.

If you are looking for a great little introduction, there is a great article you should take a look at. “I’d sue over Hygge, if only I could get out of my pajamas“. To read the article, CLICK HERE

You’ll start to see a lot more about Hygge from Nordic Garden Buildings over the coming months but we hope you enjoy your experience with us

To find out more about Nordic Garden Buildings and how you can achieve true Hygge, CLICK HERE