Does a Garden Studio Add Value?

Justin Williams | Dec,2022 | 6 Minutes Read

Of all the home improvements you can make to your property, building or installing a garden room is a sure-fire way to add value to your home, with the least amount of disruption. Of course, converting a loft or garage will yield 10% or more to your valuation, but the mess and chaos these kinds of projects can bring to your life (and home) can be stressful, and ultimately a strain on your mental health as well as your wallet. 

For a much smaller outlay, a garden studio will give you your desired extra space without having builders trapesing through your home, and add almost 10% to the value of your home. If you are selling then you’ll make a hefty profit, but with a conversion or extension, when it comes to selling you may lose money because of the cost of the initial outlay.

A garden room will give you an extra room which can be thought of as an extension to your home, but with it being separate, you can choose your style to either compliment or contrast your house. Modern and stylish, it will add a new layer of appeal to potential buyers.

Factors that affect how much value you’ll gain with a garden studio 

Its size

It seems obvious that the biggest factor will be its size. The bigger the garden room, the more value it will add due to the increase in floor space. 

But as an average for example, if your home is worth £300K then a 10% added value due to a new garden studio could see an increase of £30,000. Not a bad day in the office (pardon the pun)!

It’s worth noting that a building of a disproportionate size is not the best idea as you could lose a large area of garden. It’s also worth checking whether you’ll need planning permission (although this is rare for a garden studio).

House Prices

It’s worth remembering that your house will have a ceiling price; you may have already carried out all possible works to your property, making anything further ineffectual to its price. 

Speak to local estate agents about the house prices in your area before you start the work and secure an accurate valuation. The agent should then be able to give you an estimate of the value once your building is complete.

Of course, if you have decided this is your forever home, then go for it! 

What can you use your garden room for?

Office Space

Office space has become a must for many home workers since the pandemic began. With employers cutting overheads, one of the first things to cut back on has been rental fees, forcing employees to work from home.

Having a dedicated workspace will undoubtedly make working from home easier. Kitchen tables across the country have had a dual purpose for many people for many months, but with an office close to the back door then your table can revert to its primary purpose. The added bonus is cutting the tiresome commute.


Indulge in your favourite hobby away from the mayhem of your house. Crafts can involve a lot of storage, so a room dedicated to hobbies and pastimes could be just what you need. And who knows? Many a hobby has been turned into a business….

Home Gym or Yoga Studio

Perhaps getting to the gym isn’t practical, but you still love fitness and training. Add equipment to suit the size of your studio if keeping fit is your goal. If you like yoga, then it could be the peaceful haven you need to find your zen!

Cocktail Bar/Pub

OK, so cocktails might not be your thing, but who doesn’t like a drink now and again? With a bar literally on your doorstep you don’t need to adhere to licencing hours, and it’ll be kinder on your pocket than going to the pub.

Home Cinema

A home cinema could be the epitome of home entertainment! Whether you enjoy movies on your own or with a group of friends and family, the beauty of converting your garden studio means that you can play movies or music as loudly as you like without disturbing anybody inside the house.


By far the best and most affordable way to add value to your home is by installing a garden room. It won’t incur the costs that an extension or conversion would, and the added value is nominal in comparison.

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