Can a garden room be kept warm in the winter?

Karen James | Sep,2022 | 2 Minutes Read

Many people worry about whether they’ll only be able to use their garden room for half of the year. It’s a lot to spend out if you’re only going to get to use it 50% of the time. But the good news is that garden rooms can stay warm all year round! The answer is in proper insulation.

At Nordic Garden Buildings we have meticulously crafted our buildings to be just as comfortable as a room inside your house would be. A properly insulated garden room is still an extension to your house, just a detached one.

Our delicately chosen finest quality building materials are just like those found in a modern home. This creates a warm, dry and comfortable atmosphere inside our garden rooms. Just as you do at home, when the winter months descend upon us, switch on your garden room heating and your building will be toasty in no time.

How do garden rooms stay warm?

All of our garden rooms such as our garden offices & pavilions are premium insulated throughout as standard. The walls, floors and roofs of our garden buildings use complex insulation layers to create a comfortable atmosphere inside. We make sure we stay informed of all industry developments so that our insulation is always the best that it can be. We are always testing and adopting the latest in new techniques and materials.

The roofs and floors of our garden rooms use foam insulation between composite plates to create a strong barrier against the elements. Our floors are also raised from the ground using our concrete mini-pile foundations to eliminate the risk of any rising damp. Our walls have been specifically engineered using a mixture of natural and man-made materials to offer superior thermal quality, breathability and fire-proofing. All this means that once your garden room is heated – it stays warm for a very long time!

Intelligent insulation!

Our reflective breathable membrane only allows directional transfer of moisture out of our garden buildings – creating a healthy and dry space inside. This reflective layer also keeps heat inside the building during the colder months and reflects heat away in the hot weather! Very smart!

What is the best form of garden room heating?

Internal heating teamed with our excellent insulation means you won’t need to spend a fortune on keeping your building warm – it is quick and easy to heat up your garden room. A popular choice is a stylish electric radiator or a convector heater which heats up a space quickly. A more expensive option is full air conditioning which can alternate between hot and cold air. Portable air conditioning units have come down in price, so it is worth looking for the latest bargains.

The size of your room will make a difference to which heating options you select, but whatever your needs are, we’ve got you covered. So, view our range of luxury garden rooms today and start dreaming. Choose to give your family this extra space, whatever you might need it for, it is one decision you won’t regret this winter.